On Tap at Lydian Stone Brewing Company


Rotating beers and choices are the best way to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes. No matter how good one beer is it's gonna lose its luster after a while. Plus, not everyone likes the same things! That's pretty much why we do our best to brew a variety of beers and complement our selection with some of the most choice beers from around the region. It is all about mixing it up.


Featured Pints & Pours

Perfect Day IPA

Celtic Irish style Red Ale

Sweet Apricot Ale


A rich bold flavored American IPA with just the right balance of Cascade and Columbus hops.  Guaranteed to quench your IPA cravings.


Brewed with caramel ac chocolate malts, this is a very smooth easy-to-drink Irish Red Ale, with very low hop aroma and flavor giving it a clean finish.


Straight up ale, low in hops but high in flavor.  Great summertime fruit flavored ale!